Roof Signs

Newman Garage Displays offer numerous types of roof signs. Magnetic & Swinging banners (others can be customised on request).

Roof Sign advertising is a great way for car dealers to advertise their stock to potential customers.
Swinging Banner

These are a very visible roof sign and are printed on a quality white PVC. Encapsulated and fitted with 2 black acetal hooks. Popular options include "Diesel"  “Sale” “Price Reduced” "One Owner" "Low Mileage" "Special Offer" and again we can customise on request.

Magnetic Banners

Magnetic Banners can be changed in seconds and are printed on both sides. They have a magnetic base to keep them in place.

Popular options include "For Sale" "Automatic" "Diesel" "One Owner" "Low Mileage" "Special Offer" and we can customise others on request.

Roof Signs from €26.50